About us

We are a specialized company renting and selling real estate on the island of Ibiza.


About us

My name is Martine Meerts I m living sinces 30 years on the island. Renting a house in Ibiza for your holidays, renting a luxurious villa, renting a car, renting a boat, buying a property, an apartment, a house, a villa and all kinds of real estate on the island of Ibiza is our professional commitment.

More than a real estate portal, our real estate agency offers you a serious service and personalized listening from our beautiful island of Ibiza for a vacation and a stay in accommodation suitable to your dreams, your budget and your demands.

With more than 15 years of serious experience of real estate and tourism services in Ibiza, we usually propose for rent or for sale the right houses, from the most modest estate to the most luxurious villas, to enjoy the sea, the sun, the beaches and the very particular leisure of Ibiza.

Our real estate services, thanks to our long experience, are very reactive as to your requests and we usually offer the houses or vacation stays the most adjusted to your wishes and advise thanks to our presence during your holidays the best of the island of Ibiza and Formentera.

Consult us, we will endeavor to propose with the best objectivity the solutions to your requests for rentals or sales.

We speak Spanish, English, Dutch, French, German